TCS Insurance Agency, Inc.

TCS Insurance Agency, Inc. was originally founded by Daniel C. Toney, CLU® in 1979 as an independent insurance brokerage focused on creating custom financial plans for high net worth individuals.  In the early 90s, TCS became a leading provider of insurance solutions in the executive insurance market. Since then, we have established a long and successful track record of developing, implementing, and maintaining unique plan designs for law firms, physician groups, and other corporate buyers.  

For several decades now we have exceeded our clients’ expectations with our custom designs and proprietary products.  Our plans integrate the needs of corporations and their executives/employees to create a mutual benefit that is, ultimately, another way to retain key people.  

Over time, changes in the marketplace and tax laws require updates.  Although many of our plans have stood the test of time, we are able to stay ahead of the issues - because we specialize in a unique niche - and keep our clients at the forefront of the marketplace.

Our private plan designs typically integrate group and individual coverage to create meaningful efficiencies. The premium savings from the group component is complemented by the features and flexibility of the individual coverage.  As a result, clients benefit from portable coverage, improved definitions, and guaranteed premiums for up to 50% of the total cost for an extended period of time. Further, through our membership with M Financial Group, our clients have access to higher limits and product solutions with preferred pricing, both of which create additional advantages.  For many brokers, this level of execution is not possible.