Insurance Services

We offer Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance for individuals and corporations. Our services and product solutions are custom designed for our private high net worth insurance buyers. The products we offer are not “off-the-shelf” commodities and are offered exclusively through our membership in M Financial Group. Currently, we have access to more than 25 proprietary insurance products with seven insurance carriers. These products, in conjunction with our creative plan designs, strive to provide our clients lower pricing, better performance, higher limits, and streamlined underwriting. The proprietary products are offered through some of the highest rated insurance carriers in the country.

The products we offer are an integral part of the transaction, but equally important are the services that accompany our products.

We listen to your needs and goals to structure the foundation of your insurance plan. We use our vast amount of resources to develop a customized solution and action steps.

Due Care
We access several carriers rates and underwriting requirements to match a product with your specific plan needs. We study the financial strength, servicing, and proprietary treatment of each carrier to confirm that the values of the selected carrier will align with the client.

Although we do not practice law or give tax advice, we use our resources to provide clients with a starting point and warn them of possible issues. Our custom insurance plans are designed to not only be cost efficient, but also tax efficient, which involves proper planning.

Underwriting is one of the most undervalued factors in choosing a broker relationship. The underwriters on our team who understand the complex nature of the medical world and can assist in bridging the gap between insurance carriers and doctors. Numerous times we have assisted in elevating a client’s underwriting class by providing this additional service. This leads to additional client savings and enhanced policy performance that are frequently missed.

Ongoing Service
We believe that every client we serve should be treated equally and the insurance company should as well. The M Financial proprietary products our clients  can access include a feature known as “in-force management.” This means that we continuously monitor each policy on an ongoing basis to enforce the requirement that additional profits earned in a policy get delivered back to you as a policy owner. In most contracts, these profits get passed along to shareholders. To date, the M Financial proprietary products have experienced 51 separate price reductions with upwards of $150 million in cost savings for our clients.