M Financial Group

We are honored to be a Member Firm of M Financial Group since 1984.

M Financial Group was founded in 1978 based on the original premise that an elite group of insurance producers with a focus on the upscale insurance buyer could work together to influence the products of major insurance companies.  The collective buying power of these clients could result in the development of superior products.  The proprietary products developed from this concept are now offered exclusively through M Financial Group Member Firms.

The results today are extraordinary.  Through more than 140 independent Member Firms in the United States and United Kingdom, Member Firm clients - with better access to preventative medical care and who demonstrate a heightened interest in their health - can access more than 25 M-priced proprietary products, a rare level of product access in the industry.

Superior Mortality Experience
M Financial mortality experience is 11% less than industry averages (for face amounts greater than one million dollars of life insurance).  As a result, M Financial Group policies have lower cost of insurance charges and better overall performance.

Policy Lapse Experience
This is another important consideration of financial cost for the policies. This experience  is based on who buys policies and then keeps them.  M Financial has an average of nearly 60% greater “persistency” than the industry. This drives the lower ongoing policy charges for M Financial proprietary products.

Average Face Amount
How much insurance is delivered is also a driver of cost. M Financial’s average policy is  nearly 7 times greater than the industry average.   This creates economies of scale for partner insurance carriers allowing for lower policy charges with M Financial Group proprietary products.