Executive Insurance Benefits

When insurance products are offered through an employer, they provide a more meaningful benefit at a significantly reduced cost.  There is also no underwriting involved.  We work with several corporations to create custom insurance plans to meet the needs of their executives and employees.  These benefits are designed to attract and retain members and therefore need to be economical for both the company and participants.  Our solutions can be designed to be paid by the employer in full, paid by the employer and the employee, or paid by the employees that want the products through a voluntary offering.  

Our executive insurance programs cover disability insurance, life insurance, and long-term care insurance.  Our specialty is in designing plans to cover your most valuable executives and your top income earners.  In many cases, plans are designed to cover a certain percentage of income.  However, high income earners experience a cap due to the restrictions of the plan design.  We focus on ways to cost effectively minimize the “discrimination” of your key employees.

Disability Insurance
We create plans to combine short term and long term disability programs, as well as, integrate the advantages of group insurance and individual insurance to provide features and benefits unmatched in the marketplace.  Due to our membership in M Financial, two proprietary disability products in group and individual are available to our clients.  The products offer special features, lower pricing, access to higher limits, and guarantee issue.

Life Insurance
Our life insurance plan designs vary greatly depending upon the needs and tax factors of our clients.  We have access to several proprietary life insurance policies that can match the solutions we design.  These products, along with our custom plan designs, can provide a company with lower pricing, guarantee issue, and special features.

Long-Term Care Insurance
The market for long-term care insurance is  constantly changing.  We currently have access to product solutions that can be offered on a group or individual basis.  The types of plans we design aim to be cost effective and maximize the value  of the participants’ and administrators’ experience.